COVID-19 mitigation among people with disabilities

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Mitigating the devastating effect of COVID-19 among people with disabilities which has increased their vulnerability


Since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Kenya on 13th March 2020 and the WHO Director General advised African Countries to prepare for the worst. Kenya put measures in place but there were still gaps that needed to be filled to ensure community safety to the pandemic. People living with disabilities living in informal settlement have not been given priority as vulnerable population despite their physical mobility and economic challenges. They mainly use their hands to support their movements hence touching surfaces exposing them to infection. It was therefore important to start a project that would support the Government’s efforts by sensitizing them on the need to maintain proper hygiene through proper hand washing and sanitizing as often as possible and use of face masks all the time when in public places. Through support from business community and individual donors, KIDSEG has continued to provide hand washing soap, sanitizers, face masks and food rations to the vulnerable people. KIDSEG has done a lot with little support and therefore we believe that scaling up this project with funding from Youth Fund will enable us to reach more vulnerable people with support and save many lives.

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  • Food
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  • Human rights
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  • Wellbeing

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  • Raising capital

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This is an existing project that has been targeting people living with disabilities but the demand for support due to effect of COVID-19 is rising and we are unable to cope with the little funds that we have from our internal income generating activity. We therefore seek for support to scale up the project so that 1000 more people living with all forms of disabilities in the informal settlement can benefit. One of our main approach in service to our community is partnership building and collaboration. COVID-19 is a disease which has had negative impact on our social and economic lives and therefore mitigating its effect requires a collective effort from all community stakeholders. Through partnership with our key community stakeholders which include a network of volunteers, social workers and community elders we will ensure that the support to the targeted population within the community is widely reached. We will use this network to conduct community sensitization to ensure that the right messages on Government's COVID-19 intervention reach the targeted population with accuracy. We will also use these networks to identify the most vulnerable people in the informal settlement who will directly benefit from donation of hand soaps, sanitizers, face masks and food. In order to ensure accountability and also for the purpose of monitoring and evaluation, we will ensure that accurate distribution data is collected and filed accordingly for reporting purposes and future reference.

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