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Above mentioned project intends to break and rectify wrong COVID-19 information peddled by islamist to brainwash people.


Northern Kenya region bordering lawless Somalia lags behind in infrastructure development and it’s trying to catch up with rest of Kenya through local devolved governments.

Outside the main urban town of Wajir, Mandera and Garissa lies remote settings recovering from prolonged armed conflicts, currently ravaged by effects of climate change and incursion by Al-Shabaab terrorist from nearby Somalia which made all health and education services to be disrupted.
Pastoralist Journalists Network-Kenya through our radio listening group’s sessions with 26,000 listeners in remote villages, decided to offer local teachers and medical personnel space to educate the community by teachers offering radio school lessons and medical personnel offering medical back up and support to local community health workers in areas affected areas.

Through our radio feedback we offered the community general education on health, security, preventing violent extremism and also health outreach campaigns but everything changed with arrival of Covid-19.

Al-Shabaab terrorist network took advantage of the pandemic by churning and disseminating fake news through their channels and preaching in local mosques in areas along Kenya-Somalia border.

They informed the community the virus is a bio-weapon made by American to kill Muslims and reduce their population but the scheme backfired and with grace of God the virus is only eliminating the infidels and other Muslims collaborators working with the non-believer.

They urged communities to ignore social distancing and other guidelines from infidel governments and told locals to frequently bask in the scorching sun as preventive measures and they should not re-open the closed dispensaries.

Such action has seen the Covid-19 cases in Somalia side of the border explode with the same reaching remote Kenyan villages along the border.

Pastoralist Journalist network-Kenya intend to roll out Northern Kenya Anti-Covid19 radio listening and awareness program that will engage communities in 15 Kenyan villages along Kenya-Somalia border and build their capacity and capabilities in addressing the pandemic.

The program will run radio listening groups sessions, feedbacks and call-in, where communities will engage with local medical experts in understand and managing the pandemic and also putting their concerns and question across and getting answers that will eliminate Al-Shabaab fake Covid-19 campaigns and messaging.

• How many people are involved in the work?
The project involves a Program Coordinator, two project officers and 30 volunteers trained on community media awareness and engagement. All volunteers have five years’ experience engaging the communities in northern Kenya through community media and outreach campaigns.

• Who is your main target audience?

Our main target audience is 23,000 people living in remote 15 Kenyan villages along Kenya-Somalia border, 570,000 refugees in Dadaab refugee tower and 60,000 people living in Garissa urban centers.

We also target to reach estimated 30,000 people living in Somalia side of the border and which is current hot spot or cesspool that spread the virus to Kenyan side of the border.

• What kind of information are you creating and/or disseminating?

We have been creating contents since 2008 touching on various thematic issues. But with Covid-19 we intend to dismantle the fake news on the virus churned by Al-Shabaab, educate communities on social distancing and other guidelines issued by health authority.

We need to educate the community about Covid-19, the type of the virus, other related viruses like SARs, MERS, Swine flu, and others so that they can understand its origin and similarity so as to dispel the fake news that it’s a special bio-weapon.

The program will educate the local health workers on ways to stay safe, how to detect cases, how to handle the patient, how to report and the case to Garissa main health center for evacuation.

Health workers through the radio program will get expertise on managing the health systems in the villages where the local dispensaries were closed due to terrorism threats.

Communities will receive education on how to manage cross border trading and other activities without spreading the virus and their capacities of establishing remote isolation centers will be done through the radio education and information sessions

• Are you already reaching them? If so – how do you know this?

We have been working with these communities from 2008 to date on different programs through community radio, radio feedback/listening group sessions. So, we have 12 years’ experience working with the communities on many issues including health matters.

So, we are equal to the task in tackling the Covid-19 in the remote village areas along the Kenya-Somalia border and the refuge tower.


The program will use local Somali language to have maximum reach and impact and part of the program will be done in national Swahili language.

Yes we have radio feedback sessions where the community, project beneficiaries participate in radio-call in and discuss particular project and evaluate its impact and even locals making inputs on how to improve the program or the impact it had on their lifestyle and problem solving.

Each project we undertake must go through radio feedback sessions and all feedbacks are analyzed and acted upon.


The content goes through a rigorous fact checking processes to ensure all information is right and it has captured the real issues with accuracy. Each radio, online, multimedia or community awareness content goes through layer of fact check before its Okayed by project management team that involves the checkers, program coordinator, two project officers, 5 representatives from the organizational volunteers and 5 representatives from the community.

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1 Research/Compilation of 50 radio drama series on Covid-19 2 Undertaking 24 radio feedback sessions 3 Airing 50 radio drama series and 24 radio feedback sessions 4 Packaging and disseminating 20 stories on the impact of the project and issues addressed 5 Mobilizing and activating the 26,000 radio listeners distributed in all 15 villages and expanding the groups 6 Project Logistics

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