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COVID-19 Health Education and Mask and Pads interventions to support families in our communities with basic necessities


Train women in production/making and selling of cMasks and tPads that last 12+Months which will solve the lack of mask for COVID-19 that the women/girls/communities are facing during the current COVID-19. Selected AGYW in and out of school in will be introduced to small-scale business models, basic book and record keeping, management skills with projected outcome of 75% of these AGYW engaging in income generation activities through making, use, distribution of single packed handmade reusable cMasks and tPads from locally available raw materials packed in a bag. Excess cMasks and tPads made by women and girls will be sold to the community using outreach teams to improve on COVID-19 health interventions- The beneficiaries of cMasks and tPads will be trained on how to take care, dress, wash, dry and store the cMasks and tPads in communities.Social mobilization communities using travelling Megaphone using an outreach team
I want to Hold and facilitate health committee advocacy and sensitization meetings with the respective DHT’s in each parish in the District, support conduct through a Megaphone/or community outreach talk about COVID-19, visit and talking in houses of worship, Markets, villages, community and schools to talk about COVID-19 Virus, Develop, Print and distribute appropriate pictorial messages as IEC materials for Social mobilization which have been translated to local dialects [Ateso, Kumam, and English] to re-enforce access information regarding COVID-19 which will result into responsiveness to testing, care, treatment for COVID-19 ,

This will present an opportunity for the whole world to acknowledge what WASH sector stakeholders have been advocating that ‘… handwashing with soap can prevent the spread of diseases like COVID-19 in addition to slow down the spread of diseases like Ebola, diarrheal, cholera, pneumonia and intestinal worms’. “It is of high importance that during this period, rural communities have access to safe water and be provided the minimum tools such as soap to help them maintain good hygiene. Our small intervention in helping the government and the communities of rural Uganda in their quest of staying healthy and protect themselves in front of this pandemic,”

I will train and work with Water User Committers leadership and Village Health Teams (VHTs) members to carry door to door sensitization with megaphones, distribute hand washing facilities and soap to households, around the taps, trading centers and provide personal protective equipment such as masks and sanitary towels and carry out sensitization and awareness campaigns, the mega-phones to be used by the water user committees and VHTs in sensitizing communities about the spread of virus, I will also install hand washing facilities at water points taps to facilitate hand washing with soap for community members who come to collect water from the taps.
● Raising awareness and enhancing connections: I will use Young people are at the forefront of risk communication initiatives – spreading the word about combatting misinformation, discrimination and stigma related to the crisis, physical distancing and proper measures to stop the spread of the virus. For instance, disseminating information about the virus in local languages-Ateso. Forming networks of young people living with HIV, and key populations, to reach out to their peers to assess their needs, monitor disruption of services
● Supporting others: I will use Young people to help promote WHO guidelines and addressing the COVID-19-related needs of the most vulnerable in their communities, including persons with disabilities, older persons, and those living in villages. Using young people as volunteers to safely help seniors and other at-risk groups to access supplies, such as food and medication. Using Young people to provide guidance on thorough handwashing practices so as to reduce the spread of the virus.

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Providing Relief - Activities that meet the immediate, life-saving food assistance needs of populations directly affected by an identifiable shock, or protecting livelihoods from further degradation. Typical activities include direct food assistance through blanket or targeted rations to affected populations (particularly women and children, who have additional vulnerability in most emergency situations due to their status) and therapeutic and/or supplementary feeding to acutely malnourished individuals provision of health cMask and tPads. In addition, cash transfers and food vouchers can be considered as appropriate given the context and market conditions I will focus on efforts on the reduction of food insecurity in vulnerable populations. Through this Emergency Program, I will meet this objective by providing food assistance to save lives, reduce suffering, and support the early recovery of populations affected by emergencies by addressing the highest priority immediate emergency food assistance needs

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