COVID-19 Growth Marketing Support

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Free Growth Marketing Consultancy for companies to craft their digital marketing strategy for ecommerce.


Many companies are affected by COVID-19, but don’t know how to adapt.

Traktion is offering free Growth Marketing Consultancy sessions to help companies craft their digital marketing strategy during these challenging times.

Traktion is a freelancing platform for the world’s best marketing talent from startups including Uber, Deliveroo, Starling Bank and more.

Target country

United Kingdom

Project type

  • Impact Support

Support needed

  • Growth hacking
  • Leadership

What we need help with

We have a team of dedicated growth marketing experts who have each dedicated 5 hours per week to help startups and companies for free. We're looking for more growth marketers who are willing to volunteer to help companies transition to an e-commerce and online marketing strategy.

Best way to get in touch

Via website or email

Project status

  • Launched