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We are supporting those impacted by COVID-19 crisis. Also supporting frontline healthcare workers battling COVID-19


Odibu Foundation is a division of Odibu Nigeria Company and a registered Non-Profit Organisation based in Northern Cross River State, Nigeria, with registration No: 153194. We are into health care, education, food security, livelihood support and humanitarian aid.

Our foundation is supporting those impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. We are supporting frontline healthcare workers and our communities battling COVID-19.

Many residents are unaware of how serious the Covid-19 disease is, and despite sensitisation messages on the pandemic, some did not believe COVID-19 is real. We Odibu foundation and frontline health officials warried by this situation, tried our possible best to convince residents to submit themselves for testing so infected persons could be isolated and treated.

Odibu foundation and frontline health workers embarked on public health education that has helped the people to adhere to all the covid-19 prevention protocols; maintaining social distance, regular hand washing, frequent using of alcohol based sanitizers and wearing of nose mask. These have drastically reduced the spike of the virus in our communities.

Because frontline health workers are integral to the global response to COVID-19, Odibu Foundation is expanding the support we provide to the health care workers on the frontlines of responding to this crisis.

In hospitals, clinics and homes in Nigeria, health workers are taking on significant personal risk and too often working without adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure all of us can receive the care we need. The current crisis is demonstrating the essential, tireless, innovative and too- often undervalued role of health workers in ensuring strong, resilient health systems for everyone, everywhere.
We are delivering critical support to communities and health workers on the frontlines. In march 2021 Odibu foundation supported frontline health workers with meals, personal protection equipment (PPE), and other incentives to encourage the health workers in the fields.

COVID-19 has brought us face-face with the vast devastation infection disease can bring to individuals, families, communities in Nigeria and the world. At the same time,

this unprecedented crisis has cast new light on the essential, selfless and Innovation role health workers play.

Odibu foundation is commitment to help build resilient community – based health systems with thriving frontline health workers of their health.

Odibu foundation have saved a lot of poor people’s lives, and liberated the creative capacity of communities we helped.We mobilized and strengthen community leaders they come together and be the vanguards and agents of change by ensuring a decrease in health care crisis Covid-19 and others issues.

It is obvious that the support from private companies, individuals (politicians, philanthropists) like Odibu Nigeria company, Ekpo trust venture, Oko trust, Hope for downtrodden, Odabu global ventures, Dan global services and others is not enough to provide more quality health care services for the number of cases that we always find.
We therefore wish to appeal to well-meaning and spirited individuals/organizations, home and abroad who share in our visions to come to the aids of our foundation by contributing their quota in cash or in kind for the growth of the foundation.

Your generosity will help those most impacted by COVID-19 in Nigeria in supporting vulnerable populations including frontline essential workers and those with disabilities, address food insecurity, support to small and medium businesses, who are badly hit by the pandemic.
In keeping with our pledge to transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility, the resources of our foundation will be used only in achieving the purposes stated above and keeping with highest moral, ethical and legal standards. Together we can change the life of the most vulnerable people.

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  • Alleviation
  • Community
  • Education
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Mental health
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  • Prevention

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  • Other
  • Raising capital

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We need grant to expand and ensuring access to testing, easing the burden on healthcare systems and healthcare workers. Providing food and necessities for our most vulnerable populations.

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  • In Progress