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How We Work Young Mothers Support Group is targeting to work on coordinating our COVID-19 response with local municipal


Young Mothers Support Group rests upon the delivery of life-saving prevention and response activities to the most vulnerable societal groups and populations in our densely populated communities which we work. Simultaneously, Young Mothers Support Group will apply a resilience approach to build future capacities at community, household and individual levels to prevent the re-emergence and spread of the disease.
Young Mothers Support Group’s immediate COVID-19 life-saving interventions in prevention and response are centered on the following key pillars, which Young Mothers Support Group experienced teams in each area will adapt/implement as appropriate:
– Community engagement: Building on our existing programming, Young Mothers Support Group will provide guidance to the communities and partners we work with on risks, prevention, signs and symptoms, as well as seek their input and participation to help fight the outbreak. Women and girls remain central to this effort, as they frequently play the primary role in household hygiene. Young Mothers Support Group will provide reliable information (working with trusted partners, through mass information campaigns, in coordination with national government messaging/materials) on the current situation with regards to infection rates to counter negative impacts of misinformation and rumors.
– Hygiene promotion: Young Mothers Support Group will draw on our extensive experience in promoting hand washing – a simple and hugely effective measure everyone can take to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Our water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) teams – along with other Young Mothers Support Group program teams – will introduce or scale up hand washing activities, such as the provision of soap and hand washing stations, conducting hand washing demonstrations, and tackling barriers to good hand hygiene. We will provide support for Community Health Workers and Community Leaders as they implement careful social distancing measures and provide psychosocial support to their communities.
– Water supply: As part of its water, sanitation and hygiene programming, Young Mothers Support Group will ensure safe drinking water and supplies to facilitate good personal and household hygiene, where needed. Emergency water supply would focus on water-scarce areas, either rural or urban, through water trucking or cash and vouchers to enable the purchase of supplies.
– Clinical Support: Young Mothers Support Group staff and partners will support health centers on the front line of the treatment and care of some of the most vulnerable communities in the community. Already, many are dependent upon these facilities for day to day care in a community where local government healthcare provision is limited. Protecting health workers from infection is an especially critical priority for communities with relatively weaker health systems, as these skilled practitioners are integral to maintaining the capacity of these health services.
– Food Security: we will work hard to ensure the safe provision and distribution of food and essential supplies – particularly in the event of supply chain breakdown and food market. Young Mothers Support Group prioritizes cash and voucher methodologies to support local markets, ensure we do no harm and put decision-making in the hands of those who know best: the people affected by the crisis.
– Gender and Protection, including GBV: Recognizing the disproportionate impact of public health crises on women and girls, Young Mothers Support Group includes in all of our emergency response work a focus on protection for vulnerable populations, including women and girls, given the elevated risk of sexual and gender-based violence during emergencies. Young Mothers Support Group will work with communities to help reduce the risk of GBV as well as increase accessibly to response services.
– Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR): Young Mothers Support Group is prioritizing the continuation of ongoing SRHR programming, as healthcare systems – particularly in lower-resource communities – are diverting resources to the COVID-19 response. Based on Young Mothers Support Group’s experience responding to the effects of urban poverty in our community, lack of communal libraries to cater for school closures and decreased access to SRHR services are likely to result in increased rates of unplanned pregnancy, unless we act to support those vital services.
– Psychosocial support: The emotional impact of a global health crisis cannot be underestimated – with effects on both healthcare workers and people who are being treated for COVID-19. Young Mothers Support Group will work to bolster the availability of resources, such as psychological first aid, for vulnerable populations.

Country-Specific Interventions (subject to change as the situation evolves)
Young Mothers Support Group presence in the Kingdom of Eswatini allows for a response that is contextualized and adapted to the needs and capacities of each community. Please see below a brief overview of priority activities for each region and the estimated numbers of persons targeted through these interventions:

– In the Northern Hhohho region, Young Mothers Support Group needs USD 3000 to reach 35,000 people. Our team in the Northern Hhohho region shall be focusing on building the resilience of vulnerable groups to deal with the devastating economic and social impact of the crisis. This includes economic empowerment activities for vulnerable women and girls to help them better withstand the crisis, as well as GBV-prevention programming.

– In the Southern Hhohho region, Young Mothers Support Group needs USD 7 000.00 to reach 60 000 people. In the southern Hhohho region, we aim to build on experience and lessons learned from our initial charity response, undertaking risk communication and community surveillance activities, provision of primary health care and GBV prevention and response, as well as filling critical WASH and food security gaps at the household level.

– In the Manzini Region, Young Mothers Support Group needs USD 20 000 to reach 80 000 people. Our team in the Manzini region which is ‘high risk’ zone as per Ministry of Health reports is focusing on WASH programming, cash provision, food vouchers and GBV and protection. WASH activities include risk communication through mobile mass awareness campaigns; improving access to water and basic hygiene materials; and supporting healthcare providers.

– In the Shiselweni region, Young Mothers Support Group needs USD 5 000 to reach 80 0000 people. In the Shiselweni Region, our programming includes WASH activities and work to support livelihoods and address gender inequities, while strengthening capacities of local organizations to alleviate poverty and social injustice.

– In Lubombo region, Young Mothers Support Group needs USD 10 000 to reach 10 000 people. In the Lubombo region, Young Mothers Support Group COVID-19 response builds on our existing risk reduction programming in both urban and rural settings, and integrates WASH, community awareness activities and cash transfers for vulnerable populations.

– Other administrative needs, Young Mothers Support Group needs USD 40 000 reach 70 000 school going vulnerable girls. Young Mothers Support Group which is looking at working in all four Geographical regions in the Kingdom of Eswatini – is looking at using its extensive presence and networks to promote good practices and support information campaigns on COVID-19 prevention measures and symptoms. Particular attention is being paid to reaching women and girls supported through its economic empowerment initiatives and programming targeting in-school and out-of-school girls.

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How can you help? Time is of the essence as COVID-19 spreads inevitably to vulnerable populations worldwide. Young Mothers Support Group is ramping up our efforts to help communities prepare. In order to mount our response, we require fast and flexible sources of funding. Our initial fundraising goal is $85 000.00 for the provision of vital assistance in the Kingdom of Eswatini.

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