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CoronaCombat is a game that raises awareness and provides accurate information on COVID19


CoronaCombat is a game that raises awareness and provides accurate information on the new coronavirus and related COVID-19 disease. CoronaCombat not only provides players with useful and reliable information but also empowers them to question misinformation. The player goes through a fact-seeking, myth-busting journey aimed at combating the new coronavirus, all while having a great time!

Target country

United States

Project type

  • Education
  • Healthcare

Support needed

  • Communications
  • Design
  • Legal support
  • Raising capital
  • Software development

What we need help with

The first version of CoronaCombat was created as a proof of concept. We created this version in 9 days using our internal funds and launched it on April 10th. Since it's launch, the game has reached 1000 people with no marketing budget. The game is available for free at CoronaCombat was translated into Urdu through a grant provided by American Pakistani Foundation. CoronaCombat has received immense attention since its launch, including a shout out by Chelsea Clinton on Twitter, as well as media coverage by ABC News in the United States. We are now looking for partner organizations who can help us expand CoronaCombat in 5 key phases: 1. Updating game content and translations in 3 additional languages (including Spanish and French) 2. Social media marketing to reach 10,000 downloads. 3. Enhancement of game design to include simulations of hygiene habits, social distancing and guidance for taking care of COVID19 patients. 4. Incorporation of real-life resources such as information on nearest testing facility and contact tracing. 5. Identifying partner organizations that can expand the outreach of CoronaCombat

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  • Launched