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There’s thousands of migrants/ refugees trapped in Tijuana. We provide free frontline support services, meals and care.


Now more than ever, there’s thousands of refugees and migrants stuck at our southern border with Mexico. It’s impossible for refugees and migrants to be granted US asylum under the Trump administration. Tijuana is a dangerous border city where Covid-19 easily spreads especially among the poor, who live in overcrowded apartments, shelters or on the streets where social distancing is impossible. The migrant and refugee youth led project, Contra Viento Y Marea, El Comedor Comunitario (CVYM) personally understands these situations and we’re committed to helping our community not just survive but thrive. CVYM is a frontline resource center, community kitchen, and community garden just 2 blocks away from the United States-Mexico border wall. This project is unique because we are organized by youth asylum seekers, collaborating together at El Comedor to feed, clothe and care for each other. Our mission is to provide delicious and nutritious meals to everyone in our community because access to food is a fundamental human right. Our effective mutual aid project literally saves lives by offering healthy meals, basic wound care, harm reduction, assistance finding emergency shelter, a telemental health clinic, hygiene kits, and survival goods like tents. CVYM fights the community spread of Covid-19 by placing a handwashing station outside so anyone can wash their hands, distribute soap in hygiene kits, gives out hand sanitizer at mealtimes, as well as free facemasks handsewn by migrants living in shelters. All services, meals and goods are free of charge because we rely on grassroots strategies of mutual aid, direct action and transnational solidarity. Since we opened our doors (February 2019), we’ve served over 52,000 hot meals. CVYM’s goal is to uplift migrants, refugees from the world over, the recently deported, the homeless especially youth, sex workers, families with kids of all ages, as well as the physically and mentally disabled. We’re dedicating our lives to helping the most vulnerable especially now during the Covid-19 pandemic because their lives are in grave danger. A migrant who regularly comes for meals said he’s more afraid of starving to death, than of catching Covid-19. It’s heartbreaking but with so much at stake we’re motivated to keep fighting. We’ve pragmatically created an oasis where we offer comfort food, support, basic care, and dignity. We’re a prime example of how migrant youth can successfully lead a mutual aid project during a pandemic. Our volunteers are local heroes! We invite you to join our struggle to empower migrant and refugee youth organizers, and the uplift forgotten people of the Zona Norte and Zona Centro. Thank you for the opportunity to share our project’s goals with you all!

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We are located in the extremely impoverished Zona Centro and Zona Norte neighborhoods. The Tijuanenses living in these barrios suffer greatly from hunger and Covid-19, but these communities cannot grant all the resources we need to run our operations and our food program. We rely on donations from US supporters but with the border shut down because of Covid-19, we are unable to get donations across anymore. That’s where you all come into the picture. A grant to El Comedor will literally save lives. We are seeking grants for our most urgent needs, our food program and to continue giving out hygiene kits during this pandemic.

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