community social health ambassedors (COSHA)

Short description

Community Social Health Ambassadors (COSHA) is designed to improve public health and safety.


Public education is the first pillar of primary health care, according to World Health Organisation (WHO) knowledge is the best weapon against the spread of diseases as millions around the world are dying from preventable diseases. COSHA is a public health and safety program designed to improve public health and safety via prevention of diseases by educating people on the rules of hygiene and sanitation.

COSHA’s Manual (hand book) on rules of hygiene and sanitation would be used during public orientations in communities to educate people on how best to practice good hygiene and sanitation in homes, schools, public areas.

COSHA would be partnering with Local Government PHC’s (Nurse led/Health Technician Clinic) to monitor infectious diseases cases within communities so as to evaluate the success of COSHA in the community as well as diseases surveillance via captured data on the rate of infectious diseases in the communities.

Target country


Project type

  • Community
  • Healthcare

Support needed

  • Business Strategy
  • Design
  • Exposure
  • Technical expertise

What we need help with

COSHA needs helps with funding to develop and produce its health manual on rules of hygiene and sanitation, hiring of essential staffs and partnership for sustainability.

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Project status

  • In Progress