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populations are at a high risk of contracting the virus. Unless the existing gaps in the fight are practically handled.


Yes. The Covid-19 is here, there, everywhere and where else we do not know. The whole Globe is in panic, hopelessness, scared, anxious, e.t.c. Some countries like Kenya have had to set aside a whole day for National Prayers to God.
During the past three Months over 200 Countries have registered infections, quarantines, monitoring and data continues to rise. Unfortunately deaths have also been experienced.
In Kenya, the situation has remained the same as in other countries. Indeed due to Kenya’s position as a travelling hub for East Africa, reports indicate that infections in other countries in the region were traced to have originated from Kenya.
At this moment, (JULY 2020) infections continue to rise where hundreds have been quarantined. The Government has indicated that the situation may get worse.
However, there are still huge gaps that exist in the fight against the virus.
These gaps are the ones that this proposed Project ensure that it plus with a view to reaching out to distant and difficult to reach families.
As said above, the Government of Kenya has tried hard to stop further infections. Among the measures put are mass testing of the population. The other action is to provide Public education with regards to how the virus “travels” from an effected to a healthy person. Government has stepped up efforts in making available personnel protection equipment (PPEs). However, since even the health personnel do not have adequate equipment, the public of course are with minimal availability of the materials.
In the past one (1) month the Government has been giving worrying projections. They have indicated that new infections in the Country are now moving from people coming from overseas. The infections are from person to person at local levels. This situation means that the virus is moving from town to town, town to rural villages and from village to village. Further, between families and individuals in the same family,
Projections by the Government are that in the coming Month there could be tens new infections turning positive. Mass testing has been done and the results are devastating. As such many infected persons are to be detected and put in isolation.
To put up a fight, the authorities have posed a law that all persons must wear a face mask. Fines of up to Kshs.20,000 or 3 Months imprisonment have been passed.
On a positive note, however, there have been recorded over 5000 recoveries. The experts say, further, that there are possibilities that those who have recovered may still be re-infected.
This means that despite the efforts being made by Government, there is need to think long term. There is need for the individuals and civil societies to make interventions. Such interventions will plug gaps that exist within the current efforts.
As said before, the Government efforts to save Kenyans from the virus are so far commendable. However gaps established are as follows.

i) Messages in difficult Languages
The messages for public education are being provided to the masses using English and Kiswahili languages. Kenya has 44 indigenous languages. Many communities living in interior regions do not have the ability to fully understand the 2 languages apart from their own. So, radio messages are not able to reach about 40% of the populations.
ii) Messages not reaching
Some communities live in villages that are too distant to receive radio frequencies. As such, they are not able to be reached by the messages.

iii) Where is hand washing water?
The public education has been strongly passed that people should wash hands. That they should use soap and water, unfortunately, there are hundreds of villages where water for human and livestock has to be collected some 5 or more km away. Therefore, telling the people there to wash hands with soap and water as many times as possible is not a practical advice. So, alternatives have to be implemented.

iv) Controlling the Virus upon infection
Messages provided to the people focus on how not to be infected. But if one is infected, then the next matter is isolation by Government.
It is also documented that there could be thousands of people whose infection has not reached the symptomatic stage. Meaning they have the virus but no signs are being exhibited.
That they may finally get healed yet infections are largely possible depending on the individual person’s ability to resist.
Here, it means that the body immunity is a critical natural control to the virus. Whether outside or inside the body. This message is lacking.
v) Low supply of Personal Protection Equipment (PEPs)
On 7th April 2020, Government of Kenya put up a law that all persons must wear a face mask while in public areas. This means that private persons have to make at least 30 million masks.
Whereas urban communities can obtain them, the distant villages may not. Yet there is a Government fine of Kshs.20,000 or 6 Months imprisonment for failure to put on the mask. This factor has a huge potential to restrict movement by villagers to food supply areas for fear of arrest. The Gap here is that availability of the face mask was not considered before the law was passed.
8.1. The messages – Radio Broadcasts
The Project will help me work with communication experts. They will design the messages in the 4 local languages. Upon confirmation by the language experts, the voices will be recorded.

The Project will then negotiate with vernacular radio stations. Upon agreement, payments will be made to the stations so that they will air the messages during Prime Time News. Each will last 10 minutes. The messages will be aired 2 times a week. Hence each of the 4 communities will receive the message 16 times in 8 weeks.
8.2 The Messages Print
As in the Audios, messages will be in vernacular languages. The brochures will be in 4 folded pages with 50% or illustrations drawn in simple art and easy to be interpreted by even the less literate persons in the villages.

8.3 Production of Sanitizers and Face Masks
The youth artisans will be trained each for 3 days. 2 groups mean they will be competing to produce and deliver to the needy areas. Here, time is of essence. Therefore the groups will be provided with materials to commence production even before the materials for production reach them.

They will sell them at reduced prices in order for them to gain from their time and labour.
Materials for making sanitizers will include.
1. Surgical Spirit/Ethanol (60%)
2. Hydrogen peroxide
3. Glycerin 22
4. Anti bacterial agent
5. Water (distilled or mineral, not chlorinated)

Materials for face masks will include
1. Cotton Material.
2. Scissors.
3. Sewing thread.
4. Needle.

NB: For face masks, youth who are already in the tailoring business will be selected. They will be having a premises and sewing machines where they will have been carrying out their businesses already.

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  • Alleviation
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  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Impact Support
  • Information
  • Prevention
  • Wellbeing
  • Work & Productivity

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  • Analytics
  • Business Strategy
  • Content
  • Leadership
  • Legal support
  • Product development
  • Raising capital
  • Technical expertise
  • Website design

What we need help with

PROJECT BUDGET ITEM DESCRIPTION,QTY per UNITS RATE in Kenya Shillings. 1. Design and recording of 4 radio messages each clip lasting 10 minutes, in 4 local languages. 4 Clips 200,000 800,000 2. Broadcasting of messages in 4 languages at 20 minutes per week x 8 weeks per language. Each audio lasting 10 minutes. 64 Radio Audio messages 50,000 3,200,000 3. Designing, Printing and packaging of 4 fliers at 1 per languages. Total per language being 2,500 10,000 Fliers 100 1,000,000 4. Practical training for artisans being travel and time-time reimbursement for trainers in 4 regions. Travel, accommodation and training materials. 3 Trainers x 12 days 5,000 / person / day 180,000 5. To purchase and distribute raw materials and equipment for making hand sanitizers to 8 youth groups. 8 Sets / Loads 500,000 400,000 6. To acquire and distribute raw materials to 8 youth groups for making face masks at 2 groups per each of the 4 regions. 8 Sets / loads 400,000 3,200,000 7. To distribute 10,000 hand sanitizer units and 10,000 face masks to 40 villages. 10,000 Sets 20 200,000 8. To produce and share 1 Project Progress and 1 final evaluation report to funding partner, Government and others. 2 Documents 100,000 200,000 9. Administration costs by SACDEP Staff, Field travel and accommodation. 2 Staff x 12 days 5,000 / Person / day 120,000 GRAND TOTAL 9,300,000

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