Communities Campaign for fighting against COVID19

Short description

To train communities in producing face mask and sanitizers using local materials and an online training platform


Regarding this emergency situation, we are launching the Little Communities Campaign for fighting against COVID19. The campaign will include 6 sessions 1. Technique for producing masks, hand gels and soaps from Global Missions Africa training center (or) available source, produce and distribute by using local resources. 2. Production and distribution of masks in the communities by following the prevention standards 3. Production and distribution of hand sanitizers 4. Promotion of prevention awareness in the communities 5. Supporting community-based quarantine centers with food and essential goods 6. Supporting healthcare workers at border areas. We hope to collaborate with the Ministry of health and Sanitation (MoHS), the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation and the College of Medicine and Allied Health Science (COMAHS) to develop rapid online training programmes to train or retrain hundreds of Sierra Leonean community health workers (CHWs) to implement prevention and control measures, like organizing social distancing and hand hygiene stations and to work with nurses help detect cases and signs and symptoms of COVID-19 among their neighbours. They will become our epidemic response corps of the future. They will always be ready to help us fight the next epidemic and to support people in their homes and a potential for a long-term model of care. This community-based strategy is critical once again in our response to COVID-19. Hundreds of thousands of grassroots people in border areas are the human resource for agriculture, service and manufacturing sectors of Sierra Leone and Guinea. They will be important resource for regional economic and social development if they are protected from pandemic. On contrary, this population can be very vulnerable to amplify the pandemic if they are not protected because most of their living situation is crowded. This campaign will protect 10,000 of this population and their communities. We could rapidly help expand healthcare teams by investing in the people closest to the problem through the Community Health Workers and also providing jobs for young people put out of work by the epidemic.

Target country

Sierra Leone

Project type

  • Community
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Human rights
  • Information
  • Logistics
  • Prevention
  • Wellbeing
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Manufacturing
  • Product development
  • Raising capital
  • Software development

What we need help with

We are requesting 75,000 United States Dollars to enable us procure local materials for use in the production of facial mask and sanitizer and development and launch of an online educational and training portal for Community Health Workers in Sierra Leone.

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Project status

  • Just started