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Smart insoles to restore gait for children with cerebral palsy


For children with cerebral palsy, walking requires considerable effort and causes fatigue, meaning they can’t practice independently.
As a consequence, children with cerebral palsy may lose their ability to walk and their ability to care for themselves over time.

How we help:

1. Smart insoles send weight distribution data to child’s mobile phone.

2. This data is interpreted into a game in which the child adjusts the foot position daily.

3. Rehabilitation information is sent to a parent’s phone and to a doctor.

4. The doctor monitors the child’s rehabilitation and adjusts the workload. If any issues arise, the doctor informs the parents.

Our goal is to see children walk and grow up with healthy feet.

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  • Communications
  • Raising capital

What we need help with

We need $500,000 to provide 5,000 children with devices with which they can remotely undergo rehabilitation during and after coronavirus

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  • In Progress