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We desire to create resilience against COVID-19 among informal traders in Kenya through a Welfare Fund


The livelihoods of traders in Kenya’s informal sector are exposed to disruptions caused by contagions such as the recent novel coronavirus COVID-19. Full Lockdowns, partial lockdowns, forced isolations and quarantines that are inforced by the government, to reduce the spread of the COVID-19, have led to the loss of revenue and the eventual lack of provision and protection among families that depend on informal trade for their daily sustenance. Additionally, as many informal traders continue to conduct their business through partial lockdowns, they expose themselves to the coronavirus infection, placing them at risk of being unable to provide daily sustenance for their families. With insurance penetration at 3 per cent across Kenya, it means that many traders across the informal sector do not have access to business and medical insurance. In the case of COVID-19 infection or any other disruptions, which lead to hospital admissions, forced isolations or quarantines, many informal traders and their families will not be able to recover. We, therefore, desire to create an insurance premium financing fund that will cushion informal traders health and incomes against natural and uncontrolled disasters. According to Kenyans Insurance Act, no cover can be ‘assumed’ by an Insurer without full premium payment up front. Thus, contributing to the low uptake of insurance products by traders in the informal sector. We are keen on increasing the uptake of insurance products among traders in the informal sector by paying insurers upfront from an insurance premium financing fund. Traders who would have been insured will, in turn, make a daily financial contribution towards replenishing the premium insurance financing fund over ten months. The Premium Insurance Financing Fund will be managed by a reputable Fund Manager and given oversite by an independent board of trustees comprised of individuals of good social standing. The fund will be accessed by informal traders who depend on essential household commodities for their livelihood. We currently serve at least two hundred of such traders by supplying them with essential household commodities at affordable prices, enabling them to earn more from their sales margins. We intend for the insurance fund to be accessed by at least seven thousand informal traders who will serve across Kenya within twelve months.

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  • Healthcare
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  • Work & Productivity

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  • Marketing
  • Raising capital

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Our ask is for seed funding of $500,000 to enable us to reach and provide insurance premium financing to at least 7000 traders within twelve months.

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  • Launched