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COCOONS or COmbating COvid-19 through Online learning, Nutritious meals and Sanitation


This project was designed to be a holistic approach in assisting the students and parents to keep up with the new way of learning, maintain the proper hygiene and follow health protocols and enable them to eat nutritious meals for stronger immune systems amidst the pandemic. This project is called “Combating Covid-19 through Online learning, Nutritious meals and Sanitation” or “COCOONS” for short which constitutes the following components:
• Distribution of gadgets such as tablet or smartphones to poor students
– Every household who has a student from grade 1 to grade 12 will be given a gadget which will be used for online learning.
• Training on basic use and operation of gadgets (tablet/smartphone)
– Students and parents will undergo a training on proper way of operating the gadgets. Also, training on how to use video conference apps such as zoom or messenger and basic functions and tools in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint will be conducted.
• Information Dissemination
– Each gadget will have informative videos or public advisory ads downloaded on it about ways on how to combat covid-19. These will show the proper way of handwashing, wearing of face mask, observing the social distancing and tips on boosting the immune system and resistance to diseases. Each family will also have a cartooned poster or publication posted on their walls and also in strategic and public places such as church, market, village hall and stores which will be visible to passersby for them to be constantly reminded of ways to avoid contracting the virus.
• Distribution of hygiene kits
– Each student will receive a hygiene kit to keep them sanitary and safe from the Covid-19. The kit will contain a bath/hand soap, alcohol/hand sanitizer, face masks and face towel.
• Feeding Program
– The community group will be in-charge in cooking, preparing and house-to-house delivering of nutritious afternoon meals and snacks to identified students from grade 1 to grade 6 of each household for a month.
• Organic vegetable gardening
– Parents will be encouraged to intensify and take of advantage of their backyard vegetable garden initiative by giving them additional seeds and seedlings for their continuous free supply of organic veggies and sustainability of the feeding program.

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  • Community
  • Education
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Information

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  • Raising capital

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The COCOONS proposal need a total project cost of $151, 906.25 ( $ 100, 260.4 requested amount and $51, 645.85 local counterpart).The total target beneficiaries is 8, 250 individuals of 1, 375 families from 25 assisted organizations; specifically all 7 to 18 years old students.

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  • Just started