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Revolutionary System that will restore our world!


How can we wake up on Monday,Tuesday or Wednesday morning and go about our daily routines as they were before the pandemic?How can we live with the virus,rapidly reduce its spread,as we wait for its cure?

Hi,I hope you are fine.I am an engineering and innovative student and I have developed the ideal system for combating the pandemic.In my system,CiTe,I have combined algorithms and strategy to give a parallelism system capable of reducing the virus spread,creating awareness and ensuring everyone is safe.

I am looking for funding and to license my idea so that it can be used countrywide,and also globally.

Project Proposal on an environmental-friendly system

In my project,I have developed a system,one of its kind in the entire world,that will ensure a 90% accuracy in terms of the predictions,evaluation if a person is positive or a potential victim,and has no risk factor.

Objectives of the project

The general objectives of the system is to ensure that the public is provided with a system that will ensure that the normal lifestyle and day-to-day activities are resumed,but also taking into account the prevention measures set for the pandemic.

1)Real time data analysis that gives predictions and warnings.
2)Provide an easy to use web interface that provides the user with accurate results are predictions.
3)Optimize schedules taking into account various user constraints as well as other information like location,time,mode of transport.
4)To resume the education,religion,transport and business sectors with a risk-free system.

Geographical Coverage and Beneficiaries

This system was first designed to be used in my country,Kenya.However the scale of this system is able to cover the entire world as we are all affected and are in this together. The public only requires a mobile device or a personal computer that can connect to the internet,so that they can be able to access the system’s web services,which are currently online.The beneficiaries are every mwananchi(every citizen).

The system has been designed such that anybody and everybody can access it to ensure that they are safe and risk free.Be it a business building,construction cite,school,hotels,recreation site,hospitals,airports;CiTe system has been designed to revolutionize our world against this pandemic.Its capabilities are tremendous.

There are currently two dedicated systems CiTe Transport and Safety Service(CTSS) for the public transport and CiTe Institution Entrance Pass(CIEP) designed to be used by institutions.Attached to this email are the screen-captures and videos of how the public can access my services.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you.

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Project type

  • Community
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Impact Support
  • Prevention
  • Tracking
  • Wellbeing
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Product development
  • Sales

What we need help with

I need funding so that my system can be developed and made acccessible across the country and globe.My web services are currently running online.

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Project status

  • In Progress