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Adapting to support families undergoing surgery during and after COVID pandemic


Little Journey is a digital platform that provides interactive, engaging and age-tailored information and support to children and their family before and after an operation. Our platform has been shown to improve mental and physical outcomes from surgery and we’ve gained huge traction in the NHS, now tailored to approximately 50 NHS hospitals.

As healthcare evolves in response to COVID-19, there are reduced opportunities for mental preparation and well being support, we aim to evolve to support families in their own home through virtual tours, games and animations tailored for the care they’ll receive during the pandemic.

Target country

United Kingdom

Project type

  • Healthcare
  • Mental health
  • Research
  • Wellbeing

Support needed

  • Analytics
  • Content
  • Raising capital
  • Software development
  • Technical expertise

What we need help with

We would like to: 1. amend our animations to feature healthcare professionals in PPE to familiarise children to what they'll see on the day of surgery 2. update our therapeutic game to include PPE as option for what staff should be wearing 3. Expand our platform to provide tailored well being and support articles to families 4. Use digital behavioural analysis to identify how we should be tailoring our content to individuals. We're looking either for funding to do the above work or to work with animators, data analysts, software engineers/computer scientists to achieve this.

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  • In Progress