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Protection of Children during the COVID-19


• Education, sensitization of street children on social distancing and personal hygiene to protect them from COVID-19 pandemic.

• Provision of mask and sanitizer/hand gel.

• Provision of emergency care and support

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  • Prevention

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  • Operations
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Street children will receive education and sensitization on social distancing and personal hygiene to protect themselves from COVID-19. This activity will be conducted at the drop in centre/shelter for children in Bakoteh as most of them visit there on daily basis. Some will be conducted at their gathering places such as motor park. Etc. The education and information will include; what the symptoms are and what to do if they have them, where to receive help in case of emergency such as calling the child helpline 199 which CEDAG help in facilitating the operation. In order to practice the personal hygiene they have received education and knowledge on, they will be provided with mask and sanitizer. They will be shown how to use it and why it is necessary to use it. With the assistance of our social worker/street worker who will be close to the street children on daily basis under close observation and carefulness will ensure the proper usage of the items provided to the them and encourage them to help their peers who are not aware or have not received the education and knowledge how to use mask and hand gel to protect themselves from COVID-19. This project will help to support the targeted street children with most of their daily need such as food, water, clothing and slippers. This will help to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on the street children as other service have been withdrawn such as restaurants where they can go and beg for good or eat from left over foods and as opportunities to make money to survive have all disappeared. The facilities at the shelter for children in Bakoteh will help to prepare the food with no extra cost. The cooks and caregivers are being paid by the government of the Gambia as their support to child protection.

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  • Just started