Short description

l am scientist and have developed a medicine which can suppress all the signs and symptoms of flue, and corona virues


l am a scientist patent number 007674001 ARIPO . L have developed a medicine which will be can cure the symptoms and eradicate flue, common colds, etc
The drug has evidence and we are working on its biosafety which has proved to be very safe. This is a traditional herbal medicine. we are ready to save the population of the world as l write this note
cell number +263 783 410 838

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  • Alleviation
  • Healthcare
  • Research
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Marketing
  • Sales

What we need help with

The organization needs urgent help to do final biosafety analysis from other countries. The drug has been patented and now needs partnership, sponsorship. WHO has raised an alarm that herbal medicine should be introduced to covid 19 intervention. l have the solution now. We can fight and stop covid now l am ready to help from all angles lets save the globe population.

Best way to get in touch

Kindly phone me on +263 783 410 838

Project status

  • Just started