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We are developing a fully automated point-of-care for continuous health screening.


The problem is that in most cases people diagnosed with diseases too late due to failure to proceed with regular health checks. This is connected to the absence on the market of an affordable and automated health screening point-of-care that doesn’t require complicated and regular actions from the human side and has low price per test. Many reports note that healthcare expenditures will be the fastest-growing item in the budget for most of the G-20 economies. Preventive care is the top strategic priority in health care development in the
world. Improving preventive measures should lower economic costs and increase the quality and span of life.
Our mission is to create an affordable, rapid, and noninvasive solution to enable widespread disease screening, health check and pandemics prevention.
The solution’s goal is to give the earliest information to a user regarding a specific biomarker or
disease-related pattern that occurred in the patient’s urine or feces.
The solution can be easily connected to the toilet. When one defecates, the gas probe is taken from the toilet bowl and immediately AI algorithms search for a specific biomarker or disease-related pattern providing rapid health check to a user. The biomarkers are so-called volatile organic compounds (VOC). The connection between multiple VOC patterns and hundreds of diseases is solidly proven. With the help of AI technologies, our cloud-based system distinguishes the biomarker’s signal from other odors present in the bathroom.

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  • Healthcare
  • Prevention
  • Wellbeing

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  • Business Strategy
  • Other
  • Raising capital

What we need help with

There are several points where our team need support: 1. Academic partners to facilitate our technology development process. 2. Networking with investors and funds. 3. IP strategy.

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  • In Progress