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CareRing is a caring initiative that emphasises communication and serious games around a familys lifes memory bank.


CareRing is an initiative for familys to communicate around their own “memory lane” especially for familys with elderly persons. In phase 1 the family is communicating in a family social media building memorys with pictures, recorded speech, text etc. In phase 2 we are building serious games using the material the family has gathered making it possible to play games around the memorys. This i benefitiary for the relatives to an alderly maby dementious patient and the personel that is caregivers for the elderly. Researchers from the dementia community has confirmed that the conspet of CareRing would contribute to the daily lives of sick elderly persons AND their sickness (eg dementia), the relatives and the personel. What would be greater than be able to contribute to the very difficult elderly sickness spectra and the hurting familys around such a patient starting in this difficult tome continuing for the rest of their lives? We are now seeking sponsors so we can continue developing the CareRing toolbox. Starting in Sweden but the communication and memory lanes will spread around the world.

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  • Healthcare

Support needed

  • Raising capital

What we need help with

CareRing is a concept that has its proof of concept. Now we have to rise money to be able to hire developers and start selling and delivering the concept. We and I (Danne Nordell) need partners for rising the money and for maybe building a company around this specialized social media and careactive games for our future in contributing to a familys difficult heathcare situation in a. world where its hard to contribute and communicate.

Best way to get in touch

Danne Nordell 076-6112840 or

Project status

  • Just started