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In Kenya many people have died including children and more than 98,000 people are infected with Coronavirus.


POVERTY RELIEF AID is a registered national, non-governmental, non-profit making, relief and development organization formed in 2004 to alleviate the suffering among the poorest in Kenya.

The organization is committed to support, marginalized women and youth/children including their families in Kenya by enabling them to have access to health and hygiene, social and economic services, improved livelihoods and environmental conservation.

Last year Coronavirus disease brought a severe problem in Kenya as the rest of the world. All schools were closed and children were at home for some months. The economic operations have been affected severely which resulted to a lot of suffering to many people. Several people have died and more than 96,000 others are struggling with Coronavirus and Kenya is leading in East Africa. After a person dies due to Coronavirus his/her family is discriminated and stigmatized. People do not like to relate with the family in any way. This is a big problem never experienced before because it has affected education, jobs and the daily life of the people in the country.

In Kajiado County Kenya the majority of the people have lost their jobs and have no means of subsistence and are completely destitute with no food, income and are completely traumatized due to Coronavirus (COVID-19. Some of the poor families have no means of subsistence due to the disease and they live in abject poverty.

The current Kenya’s Coronavirus crisis is having a severe impact on poor people especially those living in the slums. Normally people should eat two or three times a day, but a significant percentage of people in the slum area eat only once. And, now, many families are denying themselves even that one meal to ensure that their children are fed. These people are already suffering the effects of Coronavirus and several individuals have severe malnutrition since the disease started, which inevitably will be their children’s fate as well. The impact of this crisis has affected households in very severe way.

In Kajiado County, many families suffer from Coronavirus disaster and they depend on relief commodities like maize, maize flour, beans, milk powder, cooking oil and wheat flour from people of good will. Problems of chronic food deprivation and nutritional deficiency are also closely related to the disease rather than failures caused by climatic hazards because casual work is rarely available.

Many people in the project area do not have proper information about personal hygiene related to Coronavirus. Some do not wear masks because they can’t afford due to poverty. Others do not maintain physical distance to other people. A number of people do not wash their hands with recommended disinfectant according to World Health Organization and do not wear disposable gloves. Hence they need to be given the materials and get proper information about Coronavirus not to spread it to others.

Many people are stressed about money even in rural areas because of COVID-19. It makes a number of people feel exhausted, angry, and distracted. Children or teenagers asking for things which are not available in families which cause arguments and a lot of misunderstanding. Due to financial stress we have so many domestic violent cases as a result of the disease. We love our families, but the stresses of COVID-19, money and lock down and curfew make people angry.

All the schools were closed for some months and children were at home. COVID-19 has taken away our daily work, home and school routines. This is hard for children, teenagers and for everyone. Adolescents are missing school, friends and their social life. It is important to provide them with extra support as well as the space to express themselves independently. The COVID-19 crisis isn’t forever – we just have to get through it now…one day at a time.

Therefore this project aim at conducting a series of campaigns and workshops in every location in the project area initially for the 15,000 participants. Moreover, the participants will need Coronavirus test in order to establish the spread of the epidemic in the area. After COVID-19 test those who will be positive will be trained to cope with the result, so they can respond appropriately. Voluntary Counselling and testing is a pivotal entry point to help the patients cope better with existing infection. If after Coronavirus-test a person will be negative, he/she may be motivated to stay negative through taking appropriate measures. The need for appropriate, sensitive counseling, for desired confidentiality and privacy, and the opportunity for further support remain as essential as ever.

The project will work to prevent and control the spread of Coronavirus (COVIID-19) among the beneficiaries of the project in Kajiado County. This is by encouraging behaviour change by providing information on Coronavirus. Simple hygiene measures will help protect their family’s health and everyone else’s. The communities will be taught on how to cover their mouths and noses with their elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing and dispose of used tissue immediately. Moreover, they will be informed on how to keep distance of at least 1 meter (3 feet) from people who are coughing.

For the implementation to be successful we will use chief’s barazas, posters and announcements during services in local churches regardless of the denomination and schools to inform the participants about activities, venues and time of the training.

Resource persons from various organizations including Ministry of health, health organizations, and district health officers will be incorporated in the exercise. The role of each project personnel will be identified on reasons of competence and professionalism in a particular activity and have good reputation of transparency and accountability. The project overall will be organized by Project Officer. For proper accounting, the project accountant and secretary will be responsible.

Participants will be involved at all stages of project planning and implementation, evaluation, monitoring and appraisal. The participation will enable the beneficiaries to carry on the project even after the programme is over. The whole project will take a period of one year.

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  • Raising capital

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The organization needs financial help to carry out the project activities to maximize the enjoyment of good health and minimize the risks of COVID-19 and alleviate poverty. Coronavirus has to be reduced to avoid complications and deaths. With your support we hope to succeed the fight against Coronavirus in Kenya. By giving a grant, you become part of this team to reduce Coronavirus.

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