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Projects designed to help the war-torn communities in Cameroon, increasing their resilience against COVID-19


A team of UN Volunteers has assisted CAMAAY in developing a number of intervention projects designed to alleviate the living conditions of the vulnerable people in the war-torn regions. As of today, we have the following projects:

1. Home production of disinfectants programme: aims to introduce short courses for women, who head their low-income households, to teach them production methods of disinfectants and COVID-19 prevention methods. Once completed, the participants will receive post-course production equipment.

• 50 women will benefit (chosen from big households): training equipment, materials and post-training tool kits will be provided

• budget estimate: ~ $ 8,500 (you can find out more about it here);

• what we need: equipment for trainees (surgical masks, gloves, weighing scales, plastic buckets), training tool kits (chemicals for the production of sanitisers, hand wash, detergents)

2. Home-schooling programme: aims to make all necessary arrangements and provide relevant equipment to children, ensuring that they can continue their education from home. Teach them COVID-19 prevention methods, ensure constant contact between their families and teachers; provide different home-based activities and online help

• 600 school-aged children will benefit: educational packages and offline resources will be provided; teachers will receive relevant training

• budget estimate: ~$ 5,090 (you can find out more about it here)

3. Elderly care programme: aims to provide essential supplies like food and medicine to the elderly people during the public health crisis. Instruct them about COVID-19 prevention methods, provide recommendations about keeping healthy lifestyle and good mental health; recruit volunteers who will check on the participants and assist them with their daily needs

• beneficiaries: depends on funds received. The more we collect, the more supplies will be purchased

• what we need: food with long shelf life like grains; medical materials (masks, sanitisers), medicine for people with underlying conditions; vitamins etc.) – you can find out more about it

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  • Alleviation
  • Community
  • Education
  • Wellbeing

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  • Anything
  • Other

What we need help with

The current COVID-19 pandemic has put much strain on many grant-making organisations that provide funding for grassroots organisations. As a result, the Cameroon Association of Active Youth (CAMAAY) is struggling to receive sufficient funds in order to address the issues of the local community in terms of the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency. Therefore, we would like to request funding to make our projects happen.

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  • In Progress