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The Leak-Locator is a phone phased app for reporting and monitoring city water leakages/bursts.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified water as key to preventing the spread of Corona Virus Covid19 pandemic through regular handwashing. Since urban centres have also been identified as key Covid19 epicentres, Bulawayo Water Action (BUWA) is campaigning to ensure the continuous availability of water in Zimbabwe’s second largest City. The Leak-Locator is one of BUWA’s initiatives to improve water management in the City and ensure that the City’s water reaches the intended users (the residents) than being lost through leakages.

The idea of a Leak-Locator is an easy to use and less internet data bundles consuming application that is usable by smart cellphones (and mainly compatible with android phones since most people use android here) where residents can locate a water leakage/burst and simple open the app, take picture of the burst and upload it on the app. The app will be linked to the map of Bulawayo so that it can pick the coordinates or residents can enter manually where they located the leakage.

The idea is to have real time location of the leakages and this Leak-Locator will also be linked to the City Authorities.

Currently there is no such system.

Bulawayo Water Action is a social movement managed by Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (https://matabelelandinstituteforhumanrights.org/) the movement was formed in April 2020 and has been instrumental in campaigning for access to water in Zimbabwe’s second largest metropolitan City of Bulawayo.

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  • Human rights

Support needed

  • Software development

What we need help with

BUWA needs help to be assisted to develop the Leak-Locator Application which should be: 1. Compatible with ordinary smart phones, especially android phones 2. Low data bundles Usage app 3. Linked to the map of Bulawayo to be able to pick coordinates 4. Display the reported/located leakages in City Map View 5. Display the date, time and name of reporting person 6. Low size so that it doesnt consume much phone memory space

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  • In Progress