building a permanent hand washing station for kids

Short description

A joy group is the group of people doing the community activities , we have established a school project called a joy


A JOY GROUP is the group focused on community activities and currently running one education projects called The Kindergarten of Joy(A Joy ) is a kindergarten,pre and primary school in Mafinga Iringa in Tanzania. It works with volunteers. We gives free education to benefit the less fortunate children and families in their area from Elementary to Primary school . To give all the children a chance at education without dropouts.We use a very “modern” approach where we do not differentiate between children with different religions or tribes. Everyone is equal at this place.

we aim to build a permanent hand washing station to help kids not diarrhea and avoid stomach problems as currently , also a hand washing station will help wash hands for all the kids,teachers and visitors and community around to protect themselves from Covid 19,this will help kids reach their goals at school, protect kids, by the members and other team washing hands

Target country


Project type

  • Education

Support needed

  • Anything

What we need help with

We need help of raising $ 850 to be able to build with bricks,cement, piping and a tank to success install a permanent hand washing station , we already have a borehole which have water , the project will be implemented in two weeks and being used when we are successful funded

Best way to get in touch

by our email address

Project status

  • Just started