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BUDDHA OUTCAST SOCIAL SOCIETY - BOSS a Charitable voluntary organization established by the group of social activists.


BUDDHA OUTCAST SOCIAL SOCIETY – BOSS is a Charitable voluntary organization established by the group of social activists on 1995 and it was registered under the Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act 1965 with Registration Number 135 dated 26.06.1995. It is based at Tiruvannamalai district. The Organisation is engaged in various welfare and developmental activities for the last 25 years among the downtrodden, handicapped and marginalized farmer sectors, especially underprivileged women and children. Health, Children education and welfare, Women Saving & Credit society and providing employment opportunity are our present focusing area. Geographical working area of our organization is in Tamil Nadu limit. Tiruvannamalai District is our present target area.

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  • Healthcare
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  • General management

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The immediate impact will be widening of fiscal deficit, rise in inflation, and break-up of supply chain where even essential supplies could be affected increase in unemployment, more in the unorganized sector, and easy money policy. There will be no exception to the sufferers in the economy but the worst could be aviation, surface transport, micro, small and medium enterprises and many interconnected sectors forming a major part of the economy. The impact of the loss of momentum in productivity can be known only when the period of crisis ends and normalcy is restored. herewith making a humanitarian appeal to your esteemed organization and this appeal is on behalf of the poorest of the poor category of our population that have been forced to remain inside their houses in the wake of a sudden onslaught of the Corona Pandemic hitting the country and has spread to all parts of the country and the subsequent lock down. Under the current circumstances and as result of the lock down, the lowest strata of the society, comprising of daily wage workers, agricultural coolies, workers in brick kilns, stone quarries, construction workers, contract laborers, street vendors have been the worst hit. These groups have lost the only source of their income and have no means to make both ends meet or provide food for their families. We need more External Funding sources or Guidance for our Corona relief activities. Kindly support our rural development activities. Thanking you.

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