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This is providing food for breakfast for children in three preschools (75 pupils) in the north in Sri Lanka.


After working with children in Sri Lanka for more than ten years, we realised the importance of early childhood development. Children attending pre-schools in ‘well-to-do’ areas are significantly better developed than those in poor areas. We resolved to try and improve the prospects of those in those poorer areas.

Thus, we launched the ‘Serendip Charity Breakfast Project’ just over two years ago (2017-2019). This was to ensure that as many of the most disadvantaged children under five year olds, living in rural areas in the north of Sri Lanka, receive a breakfast before their pre-school day begins.

Prior to running this project such children went to school hungry having had little or no breakfast. This leaves them ill-equipped to focus on their studies and stunts their growth & development.

We provide fresh nutritional ingredients each day to nineteen pre-schools to prepare their breakfasts. As a result, we are able to see the differences in those children, such as greater energy, healthier appearances, and more interaction in the classroom.
We are hoping to expand this project to three new schools (75 pupils).

Overall, apart from the food, we:

1. Contribute to the teacher’s allowances (to help supplement their meagre state allowance). Often, young graduates come forward to volunteer for teaching supported only by a small stipend that the government pays,
2. Provide fun days for kids by taking them to National parks etc.
3. Run an annual sports activity among those pre-schools (prizes are given).
4. Arrange pre-school teachers’ training, which includes capacity building, classroom management etc, once per year.
5. Provide children with school shoes and other educational equipment.

Target country

Sri Lanka

Project type

  • Education
  • Food

Support needed

  • Raising capital

What we need help with

Funding of the additional 3 preschools will cost a total of £3,000. This breaks down as: Number of pre-schools 3 Cost per child per day (in pence) 25p Average number of children in each school 25 Number of pre-school days in a year 220 Total cost for the year (3 x 25p x 25 x 220) £4,125 Funds already raised by Serendip - £1,125 Funds required £3,000

Best way to get in touch

Email:, but if urgent contact number 07799756158/03002340034

Project status

  • In Progress