Boy Child Initiative

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Boy Child Initiative is a Community Based Organization working within Korogocho Slums of Nairobi Kenya to transform the


Boy Child Initiative program aims to:

a) To rescue and rehabilitate male children who have been in streets, child labor criminal activities, outlawed sects, violence and drug/ substance abuse.

b) To offer psychosocial support to the abandoned and neglected and boy child.

c) To offer rehabilitative/ physiotherapy services to the disabled boy child.

d) To provide education opportunities to bright male children from poor backgrounds and to equip un-academic oriented male children from poor backgrounds with livelihood skills so as to be self reliant and break the poverty cycle in their lives.

e) To enhance boy child protection, promote a culture of their rights and enlighten communities on their rights and welfare.

f) To set up small scale businesses to the parents/ guardians of destitute boys at reintegration to enable them afford basic needs and hence prevent them from getting back to streets, dump sites, drugs and criminal activities.

g) To offer both in-house and home feeding program to the destitute boys and their families.

h) To promote life skills in schools through a well-established ‘Youth Alive’ clubs.

Boy Child Initiative runs a rehabilitation centre where such boys are provided with food, clothing and other basics to enable them live smoothly, effectively and attain meaningful life status; as lack of the above has forced many boys to streets, drug abuse, criminal activities and outlawed sects.

It is at the centre that these boys are further rehabilitated, educated and empowered after which their reintegration are arranged. They are also mentored, offered psychosocial support and have their talents nurtured.

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  • Community
  • Education
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Human rights
  • Wellbeing

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  • Anything

What we need help with

The boys we serve alongside other many street children are at agreat risk of contracting Covid-19 bearing in mind that they are scavenging from food from dumpsites, and do not have accessibility to face masks, hand sanitizers, soaps and other protective gears. It is in this regard that we are reaching out to you to support us with a small grant to enable us support these street children with face masks, hand sanitizers, soaps and food during this pandemic.

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  • In Progress