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VTM is integral part of testing, required in large qty in India & abroad. Bione is manufacturing the VTM to fight corona


The diagnosis of viral infections by culture relies on the collection of proper specimens, proper care to protect the virus in the specimens from environmental damage, and use of an adequate transport system to maintain virus activity. The utility of swabs/ viral transport medium during epidemics prompted its use through safe and viable transport for correct identification. VTM ensures sustainability for culturing and nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT). Molecular detection methods do not require a replication-competent virus, but the preservation of nucleic acid is essential, as a whole. The constituents of suitable viral transport media are designed to provide an isotonic solution containing protective protein, antibiotics to control microbial contamination and one or more buffers to control the pH. The Virus can be stored at -20ºC until use. Aliquots can also be kept at 4 ºC for 48–96 hours (optimally less than 48 hours) or at room temperature for short periods of 1–2 days. The correct viability is accessed through Ct values through Real-Time PCR approach.

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  • Healthcare

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  • Raising capital

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Bione has set up its lab, developed the formulation for VTM. We are also in the process of applying for the necessary regulatory approvals. Now we are looking forward to scaling and expand. Funds are big hurdles in scaling and sustaining the growth. To expand our reach within India and global, we need help in terms of funds.

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  • In Progress