Beekeeping: Empowering Pastoralits Women in Kenya

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Empowering pastoralist women in Naibunga to strengthen their resilience during and after the covid-19 pandemic.


To build their resilience to these uncertain times, the pastoralist women in Naibunga Community Conservancy who are faced with threats of hunger, need to be provided with alternative livelihoods to charcoal burning and illicit brew making.
Provision of beehives to these vulnerable community members will not only address starvation and nutrition but also the looming charcoal burning practice resulting from increased economic stresses and decreased conservation incentives to communities due to loss of tourism since the conservancy’s tourism facilities have closed down due to the corona virus impacts. The provision of beehives will not only serve as a source of nutrition, but also offer economic opportunities for the women as a sustainable source of income.
Endowed with a diversity of flora including the Acacia trees, a superb bee forage, the conservancy’s women will benefit from 360 beehives that will be an income generating activity with the proceeds supporting their families to continue during this difficult time.
With two harvesting seasons per year, and with an average production of 10 kilograms of honey per hive per harvest at a price of Ksh. 350 (USD3.5) per kg,and at an 80% productivity, the women hives will generate Ksh.2,016,000 (USD 20,0160) . This is enough to run them sustainably and ensure that the women, and their families have food and income streams to sustain them even in stressful situations.
The project’s primary beneficiaries will include 36 groups each composing of 20 members thus 720 vulnerable community members (widows, the elderly, and women with disability and those living with chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDs, diabetes etc).

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  • Alleviation
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  • Community
  • Food
  • Nature

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To achieve its goal of alleviating hunger through the women ecological enterprises, the Naibunga Community Conservancy need support in fundraising for the following; i. Equipment: Purchase of 360 beehives @ USD 50/hive=USD 18,000 ii. Women's Beehives Management and quality honey harvesting training @ USD 1000 iii. Transportation of the hives @ USD 1000

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  • Just started