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A free to use telephone community for isolated and users in need with private and group conversations available.


In March we mobilized our Unicorn resources to build and launch Baraprata. First calls came in the 3rd of April. We have a proof of concept. We currently receive 50 to 70 calls per day during the opening hours 1pm – 10pm, seven days a week. Our telephone operators report content activities and technical status to management after each working session. We analyze traffic with our “Studio” tool.
The voice platform can handle up to 120 simultaneous calls and is being modified according to input from users. People in distress and need are between 11 years and 80 years old.
Many people have serious depressions. Our volunteers and telephone operator provides support to seek further contact with health care organizations and other support organizations linked on our homepage.
Our team consist of six people in production and development, ten volunteers including paid telephone operators from our existing call center.
Baraprata have been advertised during April and May on FB, Instagram, Adwords, Allerpress and 22 days in the tabloid Expressen. All parts of content and media production is produced in house.

Target country


Project type

  • Community
  • Healthcare
  • Mental health
  • Wellbeing

Support needed

  • Business Strategy
  • Communications
  • Content
  • Design
  • Exposure
  • Marketing
  • Product development
  • Raising capital
  • Software development
  • Technical expertise
  • Website design

What we need help with

Our telemedia operational income have decreased by 26% during April due to the Baraprata production and the covid19 effects. We seek capital for Barapratas media exposure to reach more visitors in need that may never have called for emotional support community. We also believe we can increase visitors use of Baraprata that also use existing support organizations services, that only offer private conversation sessions. Our research show that Baraprata is currently the only emotional support service that offer group conversations and encourage users to also seek support in each other to ease the emotional isolation. We also want to develop the service with web RTC tools, so visitors from the web can interact with people who call a phone number. We have previously launched international calling IPRS services and have an existing network of international contacts that may be of use if Baraprata is exported to an international user community.

Best way to get in touch

Mail Helena Åsberg +4670 715 4444

Project status

  • Launched