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Bambuhay is a social enterprise focus in circular economy that is combating poverty,plastic pollution and climate change


Bambuhay is a social enterprise focus in a circular economy that is combating poverty, plastic pollution, deforestation, and climate change by providing sustainable livelihood for the poorest of the poor communities to help them out of poverty. We serve over 180 families in the top two poorest municipalities in the Philippines where the poverty rate at 74%. Our beneficiaries (former slash and burn farmers, women, solo parents, indigenous people and out of school youth farmers) are one of the most affected people in the longest lockdown in the world implemented by the Philippine government.

The lockdown that started March 16, 2020, and extended until now August 24, 2020, or 127 days in lockdown that exposed the farmers into some major risks: financial distress due to the government directives to closed during lockdown all non-essential industries. And, for the environmental risks: the Philippine government required to use a Faceshield in public places that increased the usage of plastics Faceshields.

To address these problems, we developed Bamboo Faceshield in partnership with the bamboo farmers and craftsmen that lost their job during the pandemic. Bambuhay Bamboo Faceshield has natural anti-bacterial and microbial properties, sustainable eco-friendly, and easy to disinfect. Our goal is to initially produce 500,000 pieces that will provide employment and provide to 250 families, reduce 20,000 kilograms of plastics waste that will enter the oceans or landfills that is equivalent to 132 kilograms of Co2 eliminated from the environment. This will not just provide employment and livelihood opportunities, prevent the former slash and burn farmers to go back in slash and burn farming, reduce plastic pollution but protect the people and the frontliners in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

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  • Alleviation
  • Climate
  • Community
  • Impact Support
  • Nature
  • Prevention
  • Work & Productivity

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  • Business Strategy
  • Content
  • Exposure
  • Growth hacking
  • Raising capital
  • Website design

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We've been greatly affected by the pandemic crisis but we are true with our mission in saving lives and saving the planet. For us to continue this and become more resilient, we need consultants in strategizing and validate our initiatives, growth hacking, and business strategizing in times of pandemic. We are raising US$ 60,000 through impact investment and grant support funding to scale our production

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  • Launched