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Determine immediate African and US hospital PPE needs and get them funding for procurement and shipping.


The American Diversity Report New Beginnings is launching a program to attend to the immediate COVID needs of hospitals in both Africa and the U.S. Currently, we are brainstorming with physicians in Kenya and Nigeria to assess what those needs are, and find ways of getting them the PPE they need. Those physicians, in turn, are getting in touch with hospitals in their regions, and are coming up with specific equipment, supplies, medications, etc. needs. We then need to see these things shipped to them as quickly as possible.

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What we need help with

As stated above, these African hospitals need immediate assistance with procurement/shipping of personal protective equipment, including face masks, as well as other supplies, medications, etc. to meet their COVID needs. An important point to emphasize: there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to any location, whether it be in Africa, the U.S. or elsewhere. Needs, particularly immediate needs, will differ markedly from one country and its localities to others. Consequently, we will need help with technical advice/support, as well as with logistics, in getting these hospitals in need what they want. Financial funding for procurement and shipping of equipment, supplies, medications, is of immediate importance.

Best way to get in touch

The overall director of the American Diversity Report New Beginnings program for this endeavor is Mr. Howard Comen. He can be reached at: HOWEVER, I as the person in charge of the health/medical component of the project is the best person to get in touch with. My name: Dr. David Ehrenkrantz. My email: My phone: 215-935-6010.

Project status

  • Just started