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Restriction of movement and curfew due to Covid-19 has left Ugandans without food to feed their families


Currently 80% of Ugandan’s live off less than $1 a day. With the covid-19 pandemic many Ugandans are out of their jobs, and others have lost them and thus unable to provide food for their families on a daily basis. The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted people’s movements and therefore inhibited many people’s ability to earn.

Buloba Women’s Development initiative (BWDI) is a non-profit women’s community-based organization, which was started by 4 women from extremely less disadvantaged homes in 2009 to address women related challenges mainly gender violence among women, low income household needs and food insecurity and so on. Currently a community-based initiative was lunched to benefit covid-19 challenged low-income household communities to increase food relief supply and food crop production as well as providing women and young mothers equal to support their households.

The initiative has seen low food crop production and lack of enough resources due to lockdown however Buloba Women’s Development Initiative has remained consistent and become aware that many of the families are struggling to survive as the restriction of movement has prevented many from being able to work and they are therefore unable to provide for their families.

The families would be able to get through this time adequately and able to stay safe if they are able to receive funding for large scale food production and increased food relief supply from other local farms so that they continue to survive during the lockdown. Depending on the availability of funds the our initiative intends to embark on the increasing food crop production and cultivation of 300 acres of major food crops and expanding the supply chain to poor, low income and challenged communities.

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The initiative is currently soliciting a small of funding assistance of ($5,620) to be able to increase food crop production and supply as well as facilitate the program participants in the Buloba Parish Wakiso District Uganda as the lockdown is inhibiting the families from working to provide for their families. The pandemic has provided a specific need during this time which will lessen once lockdown measures begin to ease. This initiative intends to serve as a model/pilot project, which will be replicated in other areas of Wakiso District communities. The major problem faced by the initiative and program participants, which the initiative will try to address is the lack of the most appropriate agricultural input to restart normal supply and production activities. These inputs include farm equipment, seeds, planting materials, and financial resources. Other priority areas to be addressed are: - Lack of the capacity to provide agricultural support services. - The neglect of the women in development activities. - Government's lack of capacity to provide food relief nationwide. - Poor governance and quick response to the needs of the people for our local leaders.

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