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AHC is a uniform and protective wear (PPEs) manufacturing firm based in Ghana helping fight the pandemic.


We manufacture cloth rewashable face masks, hospital attire (scrubs, theater regalia, healthcare uniforms, hospital bedding, patient scrubs, labcoats, head gear etc) and also protective wear for the hospitality sector and other industry. With the breakout of Covid19 we refocused our energies in producing locally covid related PPEs to help fight the pandemic. In our own small way we are contributing to limit the damage caused by the pandemic and we would like to extend this to AfFCTA and globally. We employ 20 young workers 60% of them being women. We are proud that despite the negative effect on business we suffered we still employ our 20 workers and we intend to maintain them to fight the pandemic. The challenge we have is raising capital or grants to sustain our business and for growth.

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  • Healthcare

Support needed

  • Raising capital

What we need help with

Our organisation is facing an acute shortage of capital to sustain our business and expand our production to affect a wider scale. We lost a lot of business when the hospitality industry collapsed and this has affected us badly. We refocused our business to healthcare where we are making a difference. We are need capital either in grants or long term patience funding to sustain and grow our business.

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Through email above or moble +233277200459

Project status

  • In Progress