Africa Hope Academy Mucharage

Short description

Africa Hope Academy is a nonprofit school that seeks to provide quality education for both orphaned and needy children


The school exists to provide hope through equipping children with quality education. The education will go along to assist them since it is a long term strategy if fighting poverty by responding to the root cause. Later, we envision the future community to be self sustainable since with education offered, the children will join different carriers and earn a decent life because they will either be employed or use their learned skills to initiate income. We also envision the future community to be peaceful and self reliant.

Target country


Project type

  • Education

Support needed

  • Other

What we need help with

The school is in need of support in the areas of child sponsorship program, feeding program, Covid-19 safety requirements, infrastructure/more classrooms as well as income generation projects.

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Project status

  • In Progress