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1250 Young adolescent of 05 under-resourced locations of Hyderabad city will be provided psycho-social support


Pakistan is 6th largest populated country in world having 64 % of people are < 30 years and 29% between 15 to 29 years (Shakeel, 2018) . Mental health issues among youth are neglected in health care field. In every 3,1 individual is living with mental health issue. Approximately, 15000 suicides have been recorded and majority of such cases are of individuals under the age of 25. Mental health literacy and services /facilities are very poor,deep seated with social stigma in country.A massive proportion, 57.9% of the population in Pakistan is comprised of young people. An alarmingly increasing mental health problems among the young population is the most neglected in health care sector. Out of 3, at least 1 is suffering from common mental disorder. The mental health sufferings due to COVID-19 are widely observed (Lima et al., 2020). This extensive lock-down is creating panic, fear, sense of insecurity, and stress in societies. Closure of schools and economic activities have added more.SCF is targeting adolescent youth with the age 15 to 24( school going -students , out of school youth in 5 locations of the urban slums of Hyderabad city .
1250 Young adolescent of 05 under-resourced locations of Hyderabad city will be directly reached by projects activities. While 1000 adolescent youth will be getting benefits indirectly by utilizing peer to peer support digital youth health baithak facilities and art therapy.

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  • Mental health

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  • Software development

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Hiring of staff and project orientation Conduct baseline study on impact of Covid19 on youth mental health - Train a cohort of 50young mental health peer educators through 2-4 days workshop on stress management/art therapy module-Establishment of Online Youth Health Baithks -Conduct 50 awareness –mental health well being peer to peer sessions to reach out 1250 youth in educational institutions and out of school youth in targeted communities -Formation of Youth Health Forums –YHFs in 5 locations • Identification of the 50 young people with risky behavior managed and online and face to face to psycho-social support. Train 25 campaigners through -three days workshops, to promote awareness to reduce substance use . 02 districts level advocacy meetings with the educational institutions and government heath& youth department for youth mental health education and 4 advocacy dialogues Train 20 CSOs- Youth led organizations on mental health for youth

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