Adhering to COVID-19 preventive measures

Short description

The organization is helping a village community to improve hygiene and we are focusing on the importance of hand washing


We are making simple plain soap which is relatively easy and involves basic equipment. This is because the remote rural poor cannot afford to buy soap or any sanitizers so as to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water or an alcohol based rub. So, we decided to immediately start making lye from ashes which are readily available in the villages by everyone. We are making simple hand soaps that are suitable for many uses around home, including hand washing.
We are also making face masks using our local materials and washing hand cans using local material and we have already composed a song in English and local languages about coronavirus awareness and preventive measures and you can go to the web site like: The end goal is that people are following the preventive measures and washing hands all the times with our village made soap, wearing masks and using hand washing cans and no coronavirus case has been detected in our region up to today. There has been an increasing control over available resources and empowering the poor rural people and strengthening their positions.

Target country


Project type

  • Prevention

Support needed

  • Manufacturing

What we need help with

: The organization needs more resources to make millions of detergent soaps, masks which are approved by the health authorities. We need also resources to put our songs into the people’s cell phones so that each person with a cell phone shall be able to hear and listen to the song hence to adhere to COVID-19 preventive measures and stay safe always.

Best way to get in touch

email: Cell phone no: +260 975543189

Project status

  • In Progress