4 Humanity

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A public health campaign video titled '4 Humanity' targeted at the migrants in Australia to increase vaccine uptake.


My name is George Jacob, I am a member of the Sunshine Coast Malayalee Association- a registered association based in Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. It is a gathering of migrants from the state of Kerala in India who speaks the language Malayalam. As a part of the annual Onam celebrations, we are planning to create a video to increase the vaccine uptake among migrants. Although the video will be created in the language of Malayalam, we hope to add subtitles in English to reach a wider audience. I have a background in Medicine and I believe a stronger and wider campaign is imperative to address the vaccine hesitancy to tackle the global pandemic caused by Corona.
I hope to release the video on the day of Onam Celebration in addition to social media platforms to increase its reach.

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  • Healthcare
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  • Anything

What we need help with

Being amateurs in the field, we are finding it hard to find a producer for the video. We would greatly appreciate any funding to meet the expenses related to shooting the video, editing and advertising.

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  • Just started