Antibody testing in Stockholm

In a collaboration between ABC Labs, Ally, and Norrsken, Norrsken Foundation is now offering the ability to do reliable and clinically validated Coronavirus antibody testing in central Stockholm.

ABC Labs makes gold standard virus and immunity testing for Covid-19 available at high volumes and low cost throughout Sweden. We combine high-quality testing under supervision from Ola Winqvist, Professor of Cellular Immunotherapy and Senior Consultant in Clinical Immunology at Karolinska, with ultra-modern automation techniques and logistics partnerships, to offer an end-to-end solution by partnering with healthcare providers.

Testing is the only way to safeguard physical health and enable economic recovery by protecting society from devastating diseases. Testing saves lives by ensuring that patients are given appropriate treatment and are isolated to reduce the spread of the disease. Meanwhile, testing for immunity is crucial for enabling economic recovery by allowing immune individuals to return to the workforce.

But the accuracy of tests is key, and the difference between 95% and 99% is startling. Imagine testing 1 million people for the virus, 10% of whom have the virus. With a sensitivity level of 99.6%, 4000 people will be falsely diagnosed as negative. With a sensitivity level of 95%, over 250,000 will be falsely diagnosed as negative. The impact of that, factoring in exponential spread of disease, is colossal.

ABC Labs offers all tests with a sensitivity > 98%, because that’s what society needs.

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If you are over 18 years old and registered in Sweden, you can book an antibody test via