About AAC

The coronavirus disease COVID-19 is a global pandemic. We are experiencing the worst public health crisis in a generation.

Are you representing an initiative that can improve the situation? For the sick, for the healthcare system, or for the billions of people whose lives are - or soon will be - affected? If so, let us support you.

Are you an organisation or an individual that wants to help? If so, find your match.

actionagainstcorona.org gathers initiatives, partners, volunteers and talent. It connects initiatives with grants or investments. Ideas, projects and startups that do the most important work in the world right now get exposure. We want to increase the likelihood of success, and mitigate the damage caused by this global crisis.

We just launched this platform, so please let us know if we can do anything differently or better.

Tell us what you think.


The coronavirus (Covid-19) could become the worst public health crisis in a generation, and we have to support all the solutions out there that can fight the negative effects. We believe that the best way we can offer support is by providing funding, access to networks and raising the awareness of the fantastic work by the people behind the solutions.

This is an initiative started by Norrsken Foundation and Dagens Industri. Many partner organisations are joining, and anyone is welcomed to support the solutions.

Hopefully mankind will. There are no fees or costs associated with being part of actionagainstcorona.org for partners or others - you only need to offer support to the solutions that are part of this initiative.

To start with, Norrsken Foundation is providing potential grants without any profit requirements. Norrsken Foundation and Norrsken VC can also invest in solutions if there is a combination of impact and underlying profitable business model.

That depends on who applies for funding and support. This is a global crisis and will require lots of resources and focus.

If one initiative working on a solution to the negative effects of the coronavirus can get funding or connect with a key resource or person that helps them take off, this initiative will have been a success. But ultimately, we want to help as many great solutions get access to the capital, resources, knowledge and skills they need to scale their solutions to reach as many people as possible.

We have collected a list of sources of funding for projects working on solutions to the Coronavirus and / or the negative effects associated with the virus. You can find it here.