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The coronavirus disease COVID-19 is a global pandemic. We are experiencing the worst public health crisis in a generation.

Are you representing an initiative that can improve the situation? For the sick, for the healthcare system, or for the billions of people whose lives are - or soon will be - affected? If so, let us support you.

Are you an organisation or an individual that wants to help? If so, find your match. gathers initiatives, partners, volunteers and talent. It connects initiatives with grants or investments. Ideas, projects and startups that do the most important work in the world right now get exposure. We want to increase the likelihood of r success, and mitigate the damage caused by this global crisis.

We just launched this platform, so please let us know if we can do anything differently or better.

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These are some of the companies and initiatives that focus on solving problems related to the coronavirus.


The further spread of the coronavirus will put additional pressure on health systems that are already stretched. In Africa, Amref will support frontline health workers to prepare for this unprecedented outbreak. The mobile learning platform - Leap, which is accessible to frontline health workers using a basic mobile phone or smartphone- will train Community Health Workers and frontline health workers across the country.

They will be trained to identify, isolate and refer suspected cases, and to encourage the behaviours (e.g. handwashing) that help prevent transmission. They will also be equipped to counter the rumours and misconceptions that can flourish in an epidemic, making it all the more difficult to contain.

This initiativ is partly funded by norrsken



As a result of the global COVID-19 outbreak and the closing of educational institutions worldwide, CanopyLAB has made its social and adaptive learning platform free of charge for academic institutions.

As of March 25th, CanopyLAB has agreed to help 168 educational institutions representing 800.000 students in 21 countries spanning 3 continents.



Vembla doing its part to help our elderly! If you are 65+ and live in Stockholm City, you can place your order through our app, by calling 010-7500800 or by emailing your shopping list to Free deliveries until the Corona crisis is over!

"A part of Coop, Sweden FoodTech, and Norrsken’s Bloomer Accelerator"



In times of Coronavirus many people can not or should not leave their house anymore, relying on the help of others. We connect volunteers with people who need help – all around the world.

“We need powerful advocates & media coverage for our brand who can spread the word, one additional React developer, legal support to review and protect our potential risk downside, and community helpers who are responding to incoming emails and possibly phone calls.”



Grace Health is taking action! With a platform that serves over 250 000 women globally, Grace offers instant and reliable information for her and her family. With the current outbreak of covid-19 and Grace Health's unique position as a trusted health information provider to deliver accessible healthcare information at scale, they are taking action to support the community of women that they serve and to tackle misinformation.

Today, they are broadcasting information to a quarter of a million women and introducing a new set of content in their chat, completely focused on covid-19.



Kognity's intelligent textbooks are already used in over 100 countries around the world, and during lockdown, they allow teachers to continue teaching online and students to learn independently at home.

Kognity currently supports the IBDP, IGCSE and GCSE curricula and give free access to any school closed due to the coronavirus.



Collaborative purchasing - We help organise group orders, from wholesalers, importers or farmers. It’s like carpooling, for things & food.

“We need funds to pay the super people who are contributing to the project. Mainly, human-computer stuff and sociologists.”



If you have been affected by the Corona virus (COVID-19), or belong to one of the risk groups, and have quarantine in the home, you can now ask for help with purchasing supplies from FIKK. Financial transactions are managed via FIKK so that both aid seekers and volunteers can feel secure.

If you want to apply for help, you can do this form here or by phone 010 - 55 11 880.

Would you like to help as a volunteer? Download our IRO Rescue app, register as a volunteer and check that you can help with the transportation of supplies.



Tappy allows users to support local cafés, bars and restaurants by enabling them to send coffees, beers or other treats to each other to be redeemed once things return to normal. This provides those venues with much-needed revenue in the interim. Tappy charges 0% fees for the time being to support vulnerable businesses

“We need help with developing a higher-fidelity MVP or native iOS/Android app”



Doctrin is a digital health company which creates solutions to streamline and digitalise the patient journey.

The system collects symptoms and medical history in an advance, speeding up decision-making and increasing efficiency, allowing doctors to see twice as many patients per day.



The team at John Hopkins CSSE has created this global case tracker to provide the most up-to-date information on the spread of the Coronavirus around the world.

Up-to-date information can help individuals, companies and governments decide what actions to take to mitigate the risks and spread of the virus.



The COALA is a real-time heart monitoring system that capture accurate, clinically relevant cardiac data when symptoms occur.

This enables physicians to interpret recordings remotely and ultimately initiate appropriate treatment plans, allowing potentially high-risk individuals to stay at hone for this process.



Sina provides access to digital doctor consultations and a home delivery service for medicines bought online for everyone, regardless of language or cultural background.

This could help enable ongoing medical support during periods of self-isolation to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus.



Kry is a digital healthcare service that provides digital consultations and psychologists, diagnoses and treatments for patients in the Nordics 24/7, 365 days a year. It also provides information on and symptom check for the Coronavirus.

Kry is reducing the need for physical meetings to access healthcare, reducing the burden on the health care system, and mitigating the spread of the virus in this way.



Care to Translate offers medically correct communication with translations verified by native speakers, which can be used in acute situations or in daily work. This reduces the risk of misdiagnosis and complications and reduces hospitalization time. 

It is especially helpful in increasing the efficiency of healthcare services as they are overburdened by the Coronavirus.



The Swedish Edtech Industry launched a site to highlight the different platforms and tools available to facilitate the transition to online education. 

Many suppliers are now opening up their platforms for free usage during the corona pandemic to help support the education system. The list is updated on an ongoing basis.



Connect surplus food from retailers to consumers for a lower price - reducing waste.

“During this crisis, we will offer increased capacity to deliver between restaurants, grocery stores and wholesalers directly to the consumer's doorstep. Together with our recent launch of ‘Climate Boxes” (home delivery of fruit and vegetable boxes or grocery bags with surplus food products - learn more and order at we are ensuring that we keep food waste to a minimum.”



The on-demand CNC manufacturer and 3D printing platform Geomiq is opening their CAD platform for free so that engineers around the world can collaborate in the most efficient way. 

To be able open source innovate fast production designs of ventilators, they are asking doctors and engineers to join them and:

o    Share CAD files and design ideas

o    Share materials and alternatives

o    Share suppliers and manufacturers



The algae omega 3 producer is  offering labs and skilled personell to assist in extended coronavirus testing for non-risk groups, in order to collect data

We are many biotech companies with lab capacity who are technically able to perform coronavirus tests (PCR). If this could be coordinated, we could implement broad coronavirus testing (for non-risk groups) which health care has no capacity for. However, someone would need to develop a platform for this, since it is out of our competence area.”



Kind is a communication and data sharing app tailored for healthcare providers and recurrent patients.

It enables healthcare professionals and patients to enjoy the benefits of modern communication using messaging, images/video, digital health forms and files, reducing the need for physical meetings and freeing up physicians’ time.



Ally offer home visits to patients in need for medical support that is not related to corona.

This takes pressure off  from hospitals and mitigates the spread from the virus in waiting rooms.



Wallenberg Foundation, Sophiahemmet, Novare and SAS have partnered to create a fast-track training program for terminated/suspended SAS personnel to support the health care system.

The newly trained staff will relieve more experienced health care workers from simpler tasks so the latter can focus on the corona pandemic. The program has potential to scale and incorporate staff from other sectors experiencing layoffs.


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> Why are you doing this?

The coronavirus (Covid-19) could become the worst public health crisis in a generation, and we have to support all the solutions out there that can fight the negative effects. We believe that the best way we can offer support is by providing funding, access to networks and raising the awareness of the fantastic work by the people behind the solutions.

> Who is behind it?

This is an initiative started by Norrsken Foundation and Dagens Industri. Many partner organisations are joining, and anyone is welcomed to support the solutions.

> Is anyone profiting from this?

Hopefully mankind will. There are no fees or costs associated with being part of for partners or others - you only need to offer support to the solutions that are part of this initiative.

> Who is providing grants and investments?

To start with, Norrsken Foundation is providing potential grants without any profit requirements. Norrsken Foundation and Norrsken VC can also invest in solutions if there is a combination of impact and underlying profitable business model.

> How much money is Norrsken donating and investing in the fight against Corona?

That depends on who applies for funding and support. This is a global crisis and will require lots of resources and focus.

> What do you hope will come out of this?

If one initiative working on a solution to the negative effects of the coronavirus can get funding or connect with a key resource or person that helps them take off, this initiative will have been a success. But ultimately, we want to help as many great solutions get access to the capital, resources, knowledge and skills they need to scale their solutions to reach as many people as possible.

> Can you recommend other sources of funding?

We have collected a list of sources of funding for projects working on solutions to the Coronavirus and / or the negative effects associated with the virus. You can find it here.

COVID-19 public information sources

Here are some accurate public information sources to stay up to date on Coronavirus developments, in Swedish and in English. 

> Swedish authorities’ joint crisis information website

> Swedish Public Health Agency

> European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

> Government actions

> Tracking the spread of Covid-19

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